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Southern Maryland Newspaper March 3, 2023 “There was joy, happiness, tears, everything”
The Korean Times Newspaper Dec 18, 2022 “David Yum’s Disney+’s ‘The Quest’ team won 2 Children & Family Emmys”
US K-News Dec 15, 2022 “At the 1st ever Children & Family Emmys, the first ever Korean to win, David Yum, and his team were awarded”
The Washington Post Nov 19, 2022 “In Virginia’s spiciest celebration of fermented joy”
The Korean Times Newspaper Aug 28, 2022 “Founder, David Yum Introduces the Dreaming Together Project”
The Korean Times Newspaper Apr 13, 2022 “Korean American David Yum, casted for Disney+’s ‘The Quest’”
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